Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer that you're looking for here, please feel free to contact me!


Pre Photo Shoot

We're thinking of having our pictures taken professionally in Maui. How do I find the right photographer for me? 

First of all, mahalo for having a look at my website!  I'm thrilled to hear that you are considering me in your numerous choices for a professional photo shoot on Maui! The most important thing when searching for a photographer is to find someone that you feel comfortable with. Take a look at different portfolios and find ones that you can see yourself in those types of photos. There are different styles out there (i.e. black and white or color, editing styles, artistic composition, flash or natural light, etc.).  One style is not necessarily better than another.  It's about personal preference and what is right for you. When you find one or a couple that you like, learn more about them (reading this FAQ page is a great start) and make sure the pricing and type of session that you're looking for is right for you. Then reach out to them to ask any other questions that you may have and make sure they are available during the time that you need.  The earlier you can get started and set up your photo shoot, the better.  

We're ready to schedule our photo shoot with you. How do we do that?

When you have decided that I am the right photographer for you and your family, please get in touch with me and let me know that you are ready to book.  We will set the date of your photo shoot and confirm all details. Then, a $100 deposit+ 4.16% HI GET is due to secure the photo shoot and I will send you a short contract to outline our agreement as photographer and client.

Can you tell me more about the deposit?

Your deposit locks in your photo shoot on my schedule. It can be paid via cash or Paypal. Should you cancel your photo shoot, that deposit is non-refundable. If you want to reschedule and it fits into my schedule, I have no problem doing that. If there is inclement weather and we cannot complete the photo shoot during your time on Maui, your deposit will be refunded (see below for details).

When is the remaining balance due?

The remaining  balance is due before the photo shoot begins. It can be paid  in cash or with Paypal.

What hidden fees are there that I might be missing?

None! What you see in the package includes every service that I offer. And it is all inclusive of the price that you pay.

What else should we expect prior to the actual photo shoot?

Within a week of your photo shoot, we will have a phone consultation. I like to chat a bit and learn more about you and your family. This helps me prepare for the upcoming shoot and how to tailor it. At this time, please let me know what you are looking for if there is anything specific in the shoot. 

Photo Shoot

What type of equipment do you use?

My first ever DSLR was a Nikon and I have never looked back. That doesn't mean that other brands aren't equally as good. I love Nikon, the quality of product, and the feel of it in my hands. I shoot with two professional DSLRs and have five Nikkor lenses. I rarely shoot with a flash. I prefer natural lighting.

What locations are your favorite locations to shoot?

I love beaches that have dramatic backdrops for the photos.  That could be beautiful palm trees, large rock formations, lava rocks leading out into the ocean, or other natural beauty to add to the photos.  We will set the location a week prior to the shoot.  We can confirm the final location of the shoot on the day of, depending on weather (wind, rain, etc.).  I am located in West Maui and shoot a majority of my sessions here.  I do offer shoots in South Maui (Kihei/Wailea/Makena) and North & Central Maui (Pa'ia/Kahului).  These locations do incur a $50 travel fee + 4.16% HI GET. If you have a specific location in mind, please let me know! There is no photography allowed on Kaanapali Beach or Airport Beach on the West side.

What times are the photo shoots?

This depends on the time of year and when the sun rises and sets.  Lighting is great in the morning and before sunset. While shots at sunset can provide spectacular backdrops, that time of day can bring a  higher chance of rain and wind.  Mornings are typically calmer and clearer.  The early morning light creates a completely different feel than late afternoon. You will generally see a lot more blues in the water and sky for a morning shoot.  Shooting during the middle of the day brings much too harsh lighting and shadows.  

What do we if the weather is bad?

One beautiful thing about Maui is the micro climates. It can be cloudy, windy, and raining in one location and calm, sunny, and stunning 5 minutes away. I used to worry about cloudy days when taking pictures as an amateur but now I look forward to them. They make for great photo shoots with softer lighting and epic sunsets! However, if worse comes to worse and we can't shoot that day or reschedule during a time that works for you, I will issue a full refund.  This is extremely  uncommon, thankfully!

What should we plan to wear to the photo shoot?

That's up to you ultimately. In my opinion, wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. That's important. Coordinating in a color scheme with some contrast (colors and one or two patterns) is what I prefer.  I love at least one bright color to pop the subjects off the background. Have a look at my portfolio and see what stands out to you in terms of colors. If you want to all match, you can do that too!  It's your photo shoot and they're your pictures!  I will give any advice that you would like, just ask.

What do we need to bring with us to the photo shoot?

The number one most important thing is a good vibe and genuine smiles. Other things would be a towel (we get our feet wet during shoots... and hopefully not much more!), hair brush/bobby pins/hair ties for longer hair, and even a change of clothes if you really want to mix it up and have some fun getting wet at the end! If you have young children, you can bring toys for them to play with and to help keep their attention for the full session. Bring any other props that you'd like in the shoot. I'll let you know if it's a bad or good idea in the shot. Last but not least, bring some water to drink! 

Post Photo Shoot

How many images will I receive from my photo shoot?

For a typical shoot, I will provide around 35-40 pictures. It could be more. I do not withhold any images from you. Once I have eliminated images that didn't turn out to my liking, I edit and provide all others to you.  I want you to have the very best and I am extremely picky about my final products (that's a good thing for you :) ).  

How quickly will I get my images?

Typical turnaround of your professionally edited, digital high resolution images is 2 weeks from the photo shoot. It can be sooner and very rarely a little longer. Taking the proper time to edit and get everything perfect takes patience. As soon as I have completed your images, you will be emailed a link to download the full resolution images online. Your photos will be available for download via the link provided for 2 months from the day that I provide the link to the final images. 

Will I get to see a preview of my images before the full gallery is available?

I like to share a couple of photos that are roughly edited within a couple of days of the photoshoot. I know what it’s like to wait two weeks to see them and it’s very exciting to get a preview ASAP! Otherwise, I want to take the time to provide the absolute best selection to you before sending out the final products.



Why did you decide to become a photographer?

I absolutely love taking pictures. And, after getting more involved in it, I realized there's something special about portrait photography. Photo shoots are quite an enjoyable time. They bring families, couples, friends, etc. closer together. They freeze an incredibly happy moment of time to be remembered forever. And in my case, that's typically a magical Hawaiian vacation.  To be involved in them is a lot of fun. And to be the one capturing that time for others brings me happiness. In the end, that's what it's all about! Smile, have fun, and love life!

We love our final products and had an awesome experience. What can we do to help spread the word about your photography business?

Mahalo for offering to help!  Word of mouth is a powerful tool. You can tell your friends and family that live in or may be traveling to Maui in the future. Social media is a fantastic tool.  You can post the pictures and tag my photography page, share the images from your photo shoot that I post on my pages, and/or use hashtags like #leecibrahimphotography, etc. Shout outs are appreciated and encouraged! Reviews are extremely helpful on the web also (Yelp, Google, etc.). Anything you're willing to do to spread the Aloha is incredible!